3 YO




Cyklon/ Viva Voltaire/ Ramiro Z

Escudo I/ Lupicor/ Heartbreaker

PICCOLOIceburg/ Voltaire/ Buntspecht De Lauzelle  (SOLD)
PIEDMONT‚ÄčDiktator Van De Boslandhoeve/ Clinton/ Heartbreaker
Diktator Van De Boslandhoeve/ Heartbreaker/ Calando I
Marcus/ Rebel 1Z/ Voltaire  (SOLD)

Three Year Olds

(Foals of  2015)

Our prices are primarily based on costs of production (fresh/frozen semen / embryo transfer/ etc) , breed registration, training, and level of experience. Prices are listed on horse information page - follow link to horse of interest. If you do not see a price, or to confirm a price and find out more information, please contact us using the link bar at the top of this page. We may have unlisted horses for sale. All horses sold within Canada are subject to Canadian sales tax (GST).