Old Bull Farms strives to improve upon each generation of young  horses. "We gain more insight into sport horse breeding by closely following the leaders in sport, visiting and studying top breeding operations abroad, and being active members of several breed organizations." Although, most OBF horses are registered with the BWP (Belgian Warmblood), leading Hanoverian, Dutch, and Holsteiner jumping lines can be found in OBF pedigrees. Emerald, Voltaire, Heartbreaker, Clinton, Escudo I, Lupicor, Numero Uno, Indoctro and Contender are some of the best producing stallions of show jumpers in the world, and are commonly referred to when describing bloodlines at Old Bull Farms. "When crossed to a top quality mare, any one of these stallions can be expected to produce offspring with the potential to compete at  a top level.... we stand apart from other breeding operations for producing horses that have not just one, or two, but several "modern type" jumping stallions in their pedigrees. We are firm believers, that "highly successful horses are seldom a random product!"