Winning takes a good horse and rider combination. You take care of the rider, and we'll take care of the horse. In today's competitive industry of show jumping, winning horses are seldom random. They are products of carefully thought out breeding programs which have intimate knowledge of bloodlines, as well as access to quality mares and top producing stallions. Producing a winner doesn't stop there, it takes patience, resources, special facilities, round the clock care and experienced handling. Why not let the experts do that for you? That's where we come in...    Be sure to visit our Sales Page

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APRIL 2018

Results 2017 

Rave On OBF ​- 83 3rd Place BWP Colt

Regal Blue OBF - 824th Place BWP Colt

Riviera OBF - 80 - 6th Place BWP Filly

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 Specializing in Foals and Young Sporthorse Prospects

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